2016 Cyclocross Scuffle

Sunday the 18th was one of the very first CX races of the season, the Cyclocross Scuffle in Elgin, Texas. It was an extremely hot day and a small turn-out, but still a very fun race! The course was relatively flat with no run ups, but a gravel start, another gravel pit about half way through, a short sandpit shortly after, and a few barriers.

Carrie Arnold represented Team IPA in both the Single Speed Open and the Women’s 3/4, placing 11th and 16th respectively. We’re looking forward to many more races this season!

In the sand pit!

In the sand pit! (Photo by Nicolle Spurgeon)


Over the barriers (Photo by Nicolle Spurgeon)


Hanging out with Tri star Gertie Adair before the race!