TD Day 5 update

After pushing hard and finally making it to Basin earlier in the morning (1 am) I awoke at 6am after only maybe 3 hrs of sound sleep. Packed up camp and proceeded to wait an hour for the post office to open. I had sent a package to myself with what I thought would be nice to have or needed items. Sad to say I waited for no real gain.

Grabbed a quick Breakfast at the only joint in town and hit the trail by 9am.

Today was all about dealing with the Sun, Heat, and headwinds. Oh, and the climbing.

My plan for today was to make it to Wise River a short easy 88 mile day HA!!! Nothing appears to be easy on the Divide.

Wind and heat and the lack of sleep the night before took its toll. I got behind schedule falling victim to “Town Suck” in Butte. I was going to again hit a very technical and dangerous section called Fleecers Ridge. After the extreme effort in the dark on Lava Mtn the night before I wanted to see thus in the day light.

So charging up the grade towards Fleecer Ridge I came across a nice little Nat Forest campground that had a bear box for my goodies. AND to boot, Cell service

All is well here. Man and Machine are running smooth.