My Gear

Disciplines and Categories:XC Cat 3, 50+
Why do you race/what got you started?I was a rower in college and a lot of those guys were cyclists so that is where the spark started. I started to race in my adult life about 2 years ago.
Favorite beer?Root!
Most memorable racing moment?4th at RH Round-Up 2016
Most forgettable?Hadn’t raced in 20 years and did Fat Chuck’s about 3 years ago. I was toast 7 miles in and died for the next 15 miles. The only reason I didn’t quit was because I still had to get back to my car! Oddly, this lit the fire for me that I actually have to train more than once per week. 
Strava or MapMyRide?Strava
Thick crust or thin?Thin
What's your Dream Race?Leadville 100 (I’ll let you know in August how it went!)
Legs - clean shaven or hairy?Currently hairy.
Sum up your racing career in 5 words or less:Hope to keep getting faster!