My Gear

Disciplines and Categories:SS
Why do you race/what got you started?I wouldn’t consider it Racing. More like every now and then I decide to ride at some event.
Favorite beer?Ranger IPA, Shiner Black
Most memorable racing moment?Passing someone w/ 1.5 miles left in a CAT II race, that meant I wasn’t last.
Most forgettable?Getting Passed by wave after wave of women on that same race
Strava or MapMyRide?Garmin Connect
Thick crust or thin?Deep Dish
What's your Dream Race?Dream Ride- I would like to “ride” portions of the CTR or the Great Divide.
Legs - clean shaven or hairy?Hairy- even when I was a competitive swimmer I didn’t shave
Sum up your racing career in 5 words or less:Old Fat and Slow