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2016 Hill Country Challenge!

The TMBRA XC series continued this past weekend out in Comfort, and Team IPA was there to represent. Several podium and top ten finishes – always good to see! Great work by Carrie Arnold, Gary Liardon, David O’Bryan, Deak Mihaly, Daniel Morales and Cooper Sellers.

Thanks to The Light Co for the great pictures.

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2016 Mellow Johnny’s Classic!

Probably the strongest turnout yet for Team IPA at one of the TMBRA spring series favorites. Four podium finishes and a further four top ten positions!

  • Gary Liardon – XC Men 19-99 SSOpen – 8th place
  • David O’Bryan – XC Men 50-59 Cat1 – 9th place
  • Carrie Arnold – XC Women 19-99 SSOpen – 1st place
  • Sona Avedian – XC Women 30-39 Cat2 – 2nd place
  • Lucie Hanzlik XC Women 40-99 Cat2 – 2nd place
  • John Fruehe – XC Men 19-99 SS2/3 – 9th place
  • Tony Fryer – XC Men 19-99 SS2/3 – 11th place
  • Daniel Morales – XC Men 35-39 Cat2 – 10th place
  • Ben Adair – XC Men 50-99 Cat2 – 20th place
  • Deak Mihaly – XC Men 50-99 Cat2 – 15th place
  • William Ables – XC Men 50-99 Cat2 – 2nd place

Cindy Abbott-Wood was wearing the team colors and took 2nd place in the Cat 1/Pro women’s event. Sadly, Cooper DNF’d with a flat in the Men’s Cat 2. We also had Mark Logrbrinck, Kyle Olson, Molly Wolf, Carla Jennings, Stephanie Childs and Dawn Skinner helping out with food, parking area and other thankless tasks that happen at races. The team tent was busy!

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