Forrest Creek Ranch – new trail report!

It’s always nice when private landowners allow singletrack to be built on their land. Forrest Creek Ranch, out past COTA in Dale, Texas, now has around 10 miles of sweet, bermy, flowy singletrack on it – and plans are in the works to add to this. With about 600 feet of climbing, it’s not the hilliest trail in Central Texas, but each small climb pays off with fast-rolling dips and berms, so it’s really fun to ride.

Plenty of lovely, fast berms built by the crew at KOM Trails
A Paul Uhl-grade mud pit
A stock pond in one of the few unshaded areas
A rock outcrop has been used to add a little kicker on this short downhill
A nice straightaway with a great view to the left and a herd of young deer ahead

The trail is 95% shaded, so definitely a good option on a hot day. It is not open to the public at this time – open hours and events are posted at, or you can email