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Enchilada Buffet 2014 – Ride Report

My first time – I had a great ride, even though I am slow. I hung back at the start, so as not to get in the way of the ballers, and by the time cxagent and I and a few others hit 183, we were alone. A very quiet ride down to Zilker! We caught up with or passed a few people on the way through the Green Belt, and went up the HOL with another group – guy with a green helmet and a sweet Ibis Ripley. The ride up 360 was uneventful, and we stopped for a few minutes at the French Crepe stop, since they had gone to the trouble of setting it all up.

On to City Park where the most ravishing, smoking-hot, red-headed trail angel (my wife) awaited me with an ice-cold Lone Star and a handful of Ibuprofen. I was pretty much toward the back at this point, but still having fun. I parted ways with cxagent, my buddy from Dallass dropped out, and I rode out from CP with a group of girls (the Austin ones, not the Houston ones), and made it through the light ahead of them, so I slogged up Jester (94.3 F) alone. Made it to St Ed’s without difficulty, and while navigating it correctly I came across Unsub1 and his buddy heading up it backward – talk about a workout!

Onward up Yaupon, also at 94.3 F. I ran into Cooper and Austin Bike, both looking like death warmed up, coming out of Thumper. Losing the will to live, I headed on in with Unsub1 and his buddy. True to form, it was utterly miserable. We cussed it a lot, and the sole came off my shoe. After Thumper I stopped for yet another ice cold Lone Star and some potions from the temptresses. The boom box was playing Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’, so I did some strip teasing for the temptresses, and impressed them mightily with my manly physique. I swear I saw tears in Spinnin Cinn and Sex Panther’s eyes.

At this point I’d been out for 11 hours, so I booked it down Parmer, did the Inner Log Loop at Walnut and ran into Jeff Shoemake and his crew (the aforementioned ‘girls from Houston’). That man is fast! I showed them the big downhill and the Wall, and we all rolled on in — I made it in daylight! I threw away my shoes, and started in on a growler of Pinthouse IPA.


All in all a great time, Thumper fucking sucks, and I’m glad I did it. Next year – backwards on a singlespeed!

– Tony

Fall Race Season begins!

Well done to Matt Welton, Jani Rautaneva and Team Rock Hard for the awesome category 2nd place and 19 laps at the 24 Hours of Rocky Hill!


Kudos also to Carrie Arnold, Eric Colquette and Kyle Olson for heading over and competing in the Webberville Cyclocross! Great job, all of you!

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