My Gear

Disciplines and Categories:Cat 2 50+
Why do you race/what got you started?Fun. 1st real race outside of school - 1983 TinMan triathlon, Orange, TX.
Favorite beer?Currently, UpSlope IPA and Hops and Grain - Pale Dog.
Most memorable racing moment?Crashing in the creek at Reveille Peak and making the blooper reel (3rd in AG).
Most forgettable?Getting my bell rung crashing on a fast downhill at the Mellow Johnny's Classic.
Strava or MapMyRide?ffftt... STRAVA!
Thick crust or thin?Thin
What's your Dream Race?Tour Divide.
Legs - clean shaven or hairy?clean, baby.
Sum up your racing career in 5 words or less:"In it for the beer".