My Gear

Disciplines and Categories:XC Cat 1 40-49
Why do you race/what got you started?After a 10 year break from racing, I was watching Paris-Roubaix on TV with my 2 year old son. He looked at all the bike racers in their kits and exclaimed ‘Momma!’ While I’m proud of my wife’s athletic abilities, I didn’t want my kids growing up thinking she was the only accomplished cyclist in the house. So I started racing again. In summary, I race because I’m jealous of my wife.
Favorite beer?Fireman’s 4
Most memorable racing moment?Finishing 2nd in a Beginner’s class race at Rocky Hill in 2001. I’d traded the lead with another guy 4 or 5 times in the last mile. Even though I lost by a wheel, I absolutely loved it and was hooked.
Most forgettable?Anything ending with a DNF
Strava or MapMyRide?STRAVA!
Thick crust or thin?Thick
What's your Dream Race?Park City Point 2 Point with both of my kids.
Legs - clean shaven or hairy?Hairy
Sum up your racing career in 5 words or less:I love to ride bikes!