My Gear

Disciplines and Categories:All sorts of biking. Marathon canoe racing.
Why do you race/what got you started?So I can eat cookies with abandon./Was given a mountain bike in 1993. Hooked.
Favorite beer?Whatever IPA Tony suggests
Most memorable racing moment?Flatting during a TMBRA race at Flat Creek and still pulling off the win. Then getting protested for being too good.
Most forgettable?Don’t know about forgettable. DNFs. You never forget those. Primal Quest 2003 8 days in.
Strava or MapMyRide?Strava!
Thick crust or thin?Thin. As if.
What's your Dream Race?TD 2014
Legs - clean shaven or hairy?Depends on whether Jeff is home.
Sum up your racing career in 5 words or less:Long and groundbreaking. Yes, TWSS.